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About Triple A

Who Are We

‘Triple A’  has been providing services to carers of and people with dementia since 1994 and has been an early pioneer in developing  new day opportunities for those with early onset dementia in order to offer respite to carers.  We are proud to say that since then other organisations have also been providing more flexible services to widen the choices for carers of, and people living with dementia.

Triple A also maintains close links with Social Care Providers and representatives of the group have attended conferences held by Bracknell Forest Council which have incorporated consultation about needs and services. Triple A is therefore very proactive with new developments.  This is mutually beneficial for information sharing/gathering and in providing valuable support  to the Triple A members and volunteers.

Catchment Area

‘Triple A’  became the name of the organisation firstly as a shortened version of the full name ‘Ascot Area Alzheimers’  and then remained as the area we cover is much wider than Ascot. We mostly cover all of Bracknell, parts of Wokingham and parts of Maidenhead.  


Triple A has a strong emphasis on welcome, inclusion and mutual support.  It provides a place for friendship, support and essential respite for carers.  The people at Triple A really care about each other and look after each other.  It is a flexible open organisation of like minded people from all walks of life and their life experiences enhance the group.   Being involved in local strategy and service development gives a sense of empowerment.   People form lifelong friendships and stay members.  Our flexible services have developed from identifying unmet need and we strive to continue to do this.


Until ‘Lockdown’ due to the Pandemic we can be proud that we were providing our Day Opportunities, outings on 3 days  per week for up to 10-12 people with dementia per day, throughout the year ably managed by our co-ordinators and other regular volunteers.

Before the Pandemic in 2019 we provided  156 days of respite in  12 months.

This meant that we offered a unique experience for people with dementia by taking them out to a variety of places  to experience normal everyday activities within a group; activities offered are pub lunches, garden centres, cinema, animal parks, walks by the Thames, museums, Winchester Cathedral, RHS Wisley, Portsmouth and ‘The Victory’   10 pin bowling ; really anything that volunteers’ imagination can think of how to spend a day.

We wish to re-establish our activities as soon as the conditions are safe for those taking part.

Meet The Team

Dr Paul Loughlin

Dr Paul Loughlin – Chair Person

Raymond Henley

Raymond Henley – Treasurer

Pam Woodrow

Pam Woodrow

Ali Melabie

Ali Melabie

Susan Mepham

Susan Mepham